Love and Cats and the Whole Assassin Thing

Romantic thriller, 80 000 words

Book I of the Love and Cats Trilogy

Widowed FBI agent turned private investigator Peter Truman wants to date and find love again, yet he must keep his children hidden from Vespid, the master assassin who has vowed to kill them.

Peter triple-locks his doors. Orders groceries delivered. Folds dirty laundry. When he takes on a baffling case for Brenda Boniflora, her whirlwind ebullience upends his mundane routine, and he likes it. Thieves have stolen all her Savannah tomcats, worth $90,000, from her Virginia cattery. As Peter and Brenda follow clues together their mutual attraction deepens into love. They find the catnappers have been murdered, and their mouths stuffed with giant Asian wasps—Vespid’s calling card.

Peter alerts the FBI, which wants to rehire him to help stop Vespid’s latest conspiracy. But Peter and his adult children have been in witness protection ever since he shot Vespid’s terrorist sister. Instead he suggests heightened security during the President’s summit with Vladimir Putin—whose troops killed most of Vespid’s family.

Peter is unaware that Vespid saw him via a hidden camera in the thieves’ hideout. Vespid kidnaps Brenda. He tells Peter over her phone to come alone or he’ll strangle her. If Peter complies, he’ll blow his cover and endanger his children. But if he joins the FBI’s manhunt to thwart Vespid’s plot, then the woman he loves could die.