The Sasquatch Kid


Lower Middle Grade, 22 000 words

When Ricky Romero befriends a young Sasquatch he doesn’t expect that six days later he’ll end up resorting to burglary.

Eleven-year-old Ricky is an outdoors enthusiast with a propensity for rescuing injured animals, such as his pet raccoon. When he discovers a poacher’s trap line, he bribes his sister Lisa to help set free the animals. After driving their snowmobile to the Cascade Mountains, they find a trapped young Sasquatch. Once freed, its leg is so mangled by the trap’s jaws that it can’t walk. Ricky must choose whether to take the critter home or let the poacher kill it.

He convinces Lisa to help him nurse the animal back to health, then release it. Of course they must hide the Sasquatch from adults—because grown-ups always mess up. Ricky hones his skills at creative storytelling as they dash from one deception to another. The Sasquatch Kid becomes Ricky’s friend, but is hard to hide. The boy’s widowed father finds the animal and gives it to the district ranger, who cages it inside an alarmed building.

Then Ricky overhears a scientist say he’ll use the child Sasquatch as bait to capture the rest of its family. Ricky knows only one way to rescue his imprisoned primate friend from the Sasquatch-snatchers. He hires the school bully, an incorrigible burglar nicknamed Rattler. When Rattler sets in motion his master plan, things go wrong. Terribly wrong.